In warranty or not, we stand for our products, it is the culture of our company to address and resolve all customer issues to everyone’s satisfaction. So please contact us if you have any warranty related problems.

No not at all! Of course you need some practice and a little instruction, but everybody can learn to ride a Flowwheel. You don’t have to be a pro surfer or circus performer to figure it out. Like any boardsport, it takes some time and practice to become a pro, but most people learn the basics within the first 15 minutes. 

Yup, you can certainly give Flowwheel a try before buying it! Please contact us for demo days and information.

Yes, that’s possible. Just select Klarna at the checkout. Klarna gives Flowwheel riders the possibility to finance their Flowwheel. 

You can ride everywhere you want. It may be illegal to ride your Flowwheel in traffic. Off road you are always allowed to ride your Flowwheel. Please check your hometown regulations.